In episode 4 I talk about my initial postpartum struggles, while nurturing a newborn with a tongue tie… which essentially looked like my newborn baby needing to nurse non-stop… and I mean NON-STOP! To the point that I could not even successfully “baby wear” my baby because once I strapped her on me she would then be pecking at my chest to get milk and crying when she couldn’t get to my breasts. It honestly felt like a bit of a nightmare for the first two weeks, when I realized I needed some serious support.

I could not get out of bed to use the bathroom without our baby crying, let alone make myself some food or do any basic self care. My daughter needed to be nursing at all times (more on this later when I cover “A Tongue Tied Baby”). What I wish I had then that I have now is my favorite baby carrier that could’ve supported her weight while nursing her and walking around. This baby carrier is great for young infant and toddlers or children that like to be carried.

The Tushbaby baby carrier is designed so that you do still have to use one arm but it serves as a little seat strapped to your waste for them to sit on and take some weight off your back when they want to be carried. I loved using this carrier to nurse while still walking around when my daughter was smaller and wished I knew about it when we were in that intial post partum struggle of not being able to put her down!

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