There are so many brands of baby bottles out there, but there is one that has my heart. If you are familiar with the content that I share, then you are aware that eco-friendly products rate high up on my priority product search list. When I shop for anything I will make an effort to check out what products are actually eco-friendly or if there are any eco-friendly alternatives for whatever it is I am looking for.

My favorite baby bottle, in my opinion – “the best out there”, is not only eco-friendly but also cost effective (especially in the long run)! This baby bottle company is called Mason Bottle.

They utilize 4oz. & 8oz. size mason jars to create a bottle with and more! This means if you have an 8oz. mason jar laying around in your home, you could simply purchase a bottle top from them that will screw on to dispense milk for your baby! This means you are NOT spending more money supporting a company that is producing more plastic (we all know this planet does not need more of that). If you’re already sold on this brilliance, scroll down to the end ~ I have a discount code for you below.

For those not familiar with mason jars, they are made of heavy duty glass, which is very difficult to break. The biggest benefit of using a glass bottle like these, is that you will have the pleasure of not having to worry about plastic leaching into breastmilk when you warm up a bottle for your baby. You are also able to u

se these same jars for milk storage or food storage in the future! This is a multi-purpose, re-purposed, easily recyclable solution. There are just so many marks off my list of “ideal product specs” with Mason Bottles!

They also provide silicone sleeves for the bottles if you are worried about using glass. I got them in both sizes but honestly rarely ever used them unless I planned to feed my baby on the beach or somewhere I was more cautious about the glass breaking. I have never had them break, even after being dropped. If you are familiar with mason jars, you know how durable they are 🙂

I am truly relieved to have found them when I was on my hunt for the perfect baby bottle for my daughter. I am so in love with their products, that I want to share with everyone and encourage every mama to get on this eco-friendly baby bottle ban wagon!

The Mason Bottle nipples are anti-colic ~ which is a big thing to also have in mind when you are on your hunt for baby bottles. They provide varying sized holes in the nipples for different flow of milk, depending on how young your baby is.

I personally loved using the 4oz. size the most for feeding my baby milk. There really is no need for a bigger size for one feeding session (in my opinion). The 8oz. bottles are great for storing pumped milk and baby food storage. I also really enjoyed having the measurement lines on the mason bottle jars as oppose to using the standard mason jars – so I ended up purchasing the storage set with multi-color tops.

If you are considering the cost of your baby’s health (by not having to worry about plastic leeching in milk when warming up bottles to feed your baby), the cost of milk storage containers, baby food storage containers, toddler sippy cups, and/or having containers for anything else your heart desires. Even if you decide to go big and get the whole set, it is still more cost effective in the long run.


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